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RFID Solutions for Supply Chain Management

RFID technology is facilitating a major innovation to supply chain management. In an article by John Lorinc, in the Globe & Mail Report on Business Magazine, he states, “Every year, according to an expert cited by the Federal Trade Commission, American merchants lose as much as $300 billion (US) in revenues because they’ve lost track of goods somewhere on the journey between factory and store shelf.” Lost revenues are not the only concern in the supply chain; improving the productivity in transporting goods and securing the source of goods are also of concern to professionals managing the supply chain. RFID technology delivers solutions for all these needs.

RFID for Supply Chain Management RFID for Supply Chain Management

Tracking and Locating Made Easier

Once Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense (DoD) identified RFID as a potential cost reduction technology many companies began to use RFID to track product flow. RFID is being used to identify inbound and outbound product. RFID is being used in the warehouse to locate product. It is being used in manufacturing and processing industries to track and locate WIP (Work in Progress) and finished goods. RFID is being used to monitor and track product in transit, and RFID is being used to ensure store shelves are replenished.

GAO RFID understands that the Supply Chain requires more than one type of RFID technology to satisfy all these different requirements and has developed different solutions for tracking as well locating.

116501 Gen2 RFID tag
for Harsh Environments -Metal or Liquid
RFID for Supply Chain Management
246016 GEN 2 Handheld UHF RFID Reader
RFID for Supply Chain Management

Passive Tracking Solutions (PTS)

RFID for Supply Chain Management GAO RFID has a full compliment of EPC GEN 2 compliant solutions. GAO RFID’s software, readers, tags and printers are designed for use in the supply chain. LocateWare™ is a universal RFID reader software designed to facilitate the tracking and movement of goods in and out of a facility and between zones. GAO also has full range of RFID readers which include the GenTop™, a desktop RFID reader that can read/write one tag at a time to versatile handheld terminals for portable operation to the RFID industry’s number one fixed reader as per a recent study by ODIN technologies. When it comes to RFID tags, GAO RFID has access to all major RFID inlay providers and converters. These relationships help us keep our tag cost down and the quality high.

Active Locating Solutions (ALS)

When tracking of goods is not good enough and locating goods is critical, RTLS (Real Time Locating Systems) and active RFID are becoming the industry technology of choice. Active tags can be read as far away as 800 feet or more than 250 meters. Active RFID is being used to track and locate trucks, containers and trailers on the road as well as in the yard. Critical assets, workers and visitors can be tracked and located using ALS. Inventory can be located instantly using LocateWare™, which eliminates the need for complex re-writes of WMS and TMS solutions as well as extensive employee training.

Complimenting GAO RFID’s software and hardware products and solutions is a complete line of RFID ready direct thermal and thermal transfer printers for almost any supply chain requirement. The print solutions are tailored to handle the most demanding heavy-duty cycle activity to the occasional ‘slap and ship’ requirement.

GAO RFID Solutions for SCM

At GAO RFID we believe our customers should do what they do best and partner for the rest.

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