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Locate WareTM
RFID Locating & Tracking Software

Finally, an RFID middleware that is cost effective, easy to setup and configure and reports real-time location of people, animals and things.

LocateWare enables comprehensive tracking, locating and identification for a wide range of businesses. This GAO RFID application is easy to implement, provides real-time information and has a Web interface. LocateWare working in conjunction with RFID readers and RFID tags can significantly improve the utilization of critical resources and reduces search time and increases overall efficiency and security. LocateWare is a suite of software that simplifies configuration and reporting of an RFID infrastructure and designated assets. LocateWare can be deployed at department level or across whole organizations worldwide.

LocateWare works with any RFID reader that is either serial connected or on an IP network.

LocateWare is ideally suited for:

Tracking and Locating People

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Student tracking in schools and on buses
  • Employee and visitor secure access
  • Conferences, concerts and events

Tracking and Locating Things

  • Healthcare assets
  • Vehicles
  • Trailers, containers and trucks
  • Critical or valuable items
  • Work in process (WIP)

Tracking and Locating Animals

  • Livestock health and identification
  • Scientific tracking
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