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All-in-One HF Mid-Range Reader/Writer

This high frequency mid-range RFID reader/writer provides high-sensitivity read and write capability and efficient..

13.56 MHz High Frequency (HF) RFID Reader Writer with Antenna

The high frequency RFID reader/writer can read multiple tags from a distance of up to 30 cm under ideal conditions...

MIFARE® Ethernet RFID Reader

The Mifare Ethernet RFID reader can be configured to read MIFARE® cards, or can be configured to read the user-defined sector..

13.56 MHz HF High-powered RFID Reader

This 13.56 MHz high frequency RFID reader provides fast read speed of up to 50 tags per second and is able to read more than 300..

Rugged Handheld RFID Reader/Mobile Computer the Jett

This rugged handheld RFID reader/mobile computer is an ideal solution for any number of vertical markets — asset tracking and..

13.56 MHz Handheld Bluetooth RFID Reader

This HF Bluetooth RFID reader is widely used in such applications as access control, item and people tracking and security..

13.56 MHz RFID HF Bluetooth Reader/Writer

This HF Bluetooth based RFID reader/writer is widely used in the industries of security, patrol, mining, and finance and railway..

13.56 MHz. High Frequency (HF) USB RFID Reader Writer MIFARE®

High performance Mifare card reader and writer. Multi-application cards can also be used with this read / write unit...

13.56 MHz USB RFID Reader/Writer

This high frequency RFID reader/writer is well-suited for applications including logistic system, express parcel management,..

125 kHz or 13.56 (LF or HF) MHz Dual Frequency RFID Reader

This dual frequency RFID reader is primarily used for authorization or login to POS terminals..

Magnetic Stripe Card and 13.56 MHz RFID Reader Combo

This smart card reader features selectable magnetic triple-track reading and bi-directional swiping and can be easily upgraded..

13.56 MHz Smart Label RFID Reader

This 13.56 MHz handheld label reader is widely used in applications such as logistic control systems, library management, smart..

13.56 MHz Programmable Time Recorder/MIFARE® RFID Reader

This programmable time recorder provides two relays to control external loads and is specially used in time attendance...

Biometric Fingerprint and MIFARE® Card Recorder

This biometric time recorder is an extremely easy-to-use fingerprint and Mifare Card reader. It is well-suited for acces control..

13.56 MHz. RFID Handheld Reader / Writer, 140 Rugged PDA

This high frequency contactless RFID reader/Writer is designed for industrial and outdoor environments found in field services,..

USB Enabled HF RFID Reader/Writer

It is a full featured mouse-sized HF RFID Reader/Writer available for both UHF and HF RFID frequencies...

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