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13.56 MHz Animal Ear Tag

This 13.56 MHz animal ear tag is intended for the tracking of medium-sized livestock and well suited for use in monitoring each..

13.56 MHz Clear Thin RFID Disc Tag

This high frequency RFID disc tag is ideally suited for asset tracking, anti-counterfeiting application and tour patrol to its..

13.56 MHz HF Mount-on-Metal RFID Tag

This high frequency mount-on-metal RFID tag is ideal for industrial tagging on metal surfaces, tagging of IT assets or other..

13.56 MHz ISO15693 ICODE SL2 RFID Thin Card Tag

This high frequency RFID thin card tag is intended for ticketing, access control, asset tracking, and bus boarding/payments...

13.56 MHz MIFARE® Mount on Metal Tag

This high frequency Mifare RFID tag is specially designed to be mounted directly on metal surfaces...

13.56 MHz Passive ICODE SLI RFID Laundry Tag

This high frequency passive RFID laundry tag withstands rotary ironing, heat, pressure and chemical resistance in the tracking..

13.56 MHz Passive Key Fob RFID Tag

This passive high frequency key fob RFID tag is a solution for access control application, event management and for applications..

13.56 MHz Passive RFID Tag

This small, high frequency RFID tag is an ideal solution for logistic management, access control, transportation management,..

13.56 MHz RFID Disc Tag

This 13.56MHz RFID disc tag can be mounted on nonmetallic surfaces for applications such as asset tracking and inventory..

13.56 MHz RFID Disc Tag

This 13.56 MHz RFID disc tag is compliant with the ISO Ti2048 and available with a variety of technologies including MIFARE,..

13.56 MHz RFID Wrist Band Tag

This HF RFID wrist band tag is designed for use in such applications as schools, hospital, sports centres and attendance..

13.56 MHz Thin RFID Card

This RFID card incorporates an M1 F08 IC inlay. It uses advanced cryptography to prevent tag cloning. It is an ideal solution..

13.56 MHz. High Frequency (HF) ICODE RFID Tag

Supported Standard: ISO 15693-2, -3. Recommended operating frequency: 13.56 MHz High Frequency(HF) . Passive Resonance Frequency..

13.56 MHz. High Frequency (HF) Rectangle Paper RFID Tag

The operating distance of a RFID 13.56 MHz High Frequency (HF) tag is approximately 10 cm read and 5 cm write..

13.56 MHz. High Frequency (HF) Round Paper RFID Tag

This round paper RFID tag is specially designed for CD and DVD tagging and is also commonly used as an electronic label for..

13.56 MHz. High Frequency (HF) Square Paper RFID Tag

This high frequency square paper RFID tag is generally used in electronic label applications and electronic article..

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