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Active RFID UHF Beacon Tag

This active RFID UHF beacon tag is a cost-effective long-range active RFID tag appropriate for tracking mobile assets,..

RFID Position Markers

The RFID Position Marker is used to determine exact locations of long-range RFID tags (such as "GAO 137003", "GAO 137004", and..

RFID Position Markers

The Position Marker is used in order to determine exact locations of ILR tag series of i-Q and i-B. As the tag passes the..

Semi-Passive RFID Response Tag Series

This UHF semi-passive RFID response tag series offers precision real-time data collection for the identification, tracking, and..

UHF Active RFID Tags

This high-performance and power-efficient active RFID tag has an expandable memory of 8,000 bytes, an optional LED, and an..

UHF Long-Range Active RFID Tag

This Active UHF RFID tag is ideally suited for the tracking of temperature sensitive assets or for agricultural uses...

UHF Semi-passive Temperature Logger Tag

This UHF semi-passive temperature logger tag allows for monitoring temperature sensitive products during transportation or..

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