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Adjustable Position Marker

This adjustable position marker has the ability to control inductive field limits, and vehicle lane discrimination and direction..

Advanced RFID Reader

This advanced RFID reader is widely used in multiple applications such as sensor identification, tracking and localization of..

Fixed Long Range Interrogator

This fixed long range interrogator is based on ISO/IEC 18000-7 standard and can be easily integrated into advanced information..

Integrated RFID Mobile Reader

Operating at a frequency of 868 MHz (EU) or 920 MHz (NA), this reader transmits and receives data at distances of up to 500..

Long Range Integrated RFID Reader

This integrated RFID reader enables long range localization in both indoor and outdoor environments...

Position Marker

This position marker is specially used to determine exact locations of specially equipped Sensor SMART tags...

Real-Time RFID Sensor Reader

The RFID sensor reader enables long-range localization in both indoor and outdoor environments and is well suited for a variety..

Rugged Handheld RFID Interrogator

This handheld interrogator provides highly accurate data collection for increased productivity, streamlined business operations..

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