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Intelligent RFID Apparel Tag Unfastener

This Intelligent RFID Clothing Tag Unfastener used with the patented Dual Locking RFID Clothing Tag is a proven system for the..

Industrial Wiegand-to-Ethernet Controller

This industrial Wiegand-to-Ethernet Controller is a compact networkable access controller which is designed to simplify remote..

2-Channel TTL Relay Board

The 2-channel TTL relay board boasts two SPDT relays and drivers, providing a convenient way to add relay outputs to your..

4-Channel TTL Relay Board

The 4-channel TTL relay board with four SPDT relays provides a convenient tool to add relay outputs to your project...

GPIO Adapter

This GPIO adapter is an ideal solution for applications such as RFID smart shelves or document tracking applications...

RFID Access Control Device with Multiple Identification Methods

This RFID access control device is perfect for building access management and time and attendance applications...

RFID Dock Door Portal

The Alien ALX-9010 series of RFID Dock Door Portals are durable and easy-to-install portal appliances for the ALR-9800..

RFID Enabled Parking Barrier Gate

This versatile parking barrier gate operator is a heavy-duty, high performance barrier gatedesigned to be used in conjunction..

RFID Reader Antenna Hub

This RFID Reader Antenna Hub allows for up to 32 antennas to be connected to a single UHF 4-Port Reader...

RFID Reader Gateway

The RFID hub is able to collect, filter, and edit data from diverse kinds of readers and store tag data to a host system via..

UHF 865 MHz~950 MHz. TOSHIBA RFID Enabled Thermal Printer

The RFID enabled printer is a key component for any RFID rollout, whether the project is inventory management, supply chain or..

UHF GPRS Data Transmission Terminal

This UHF GPRS data transmission terminal is widely used in unattended remote monitoring and data acquisition...

Wiegand-to-Ethernet Smart Controller

Wiegand-to-Ethernet Smart Controller..

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