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433 MHz Active RFID Indoor Asset Tag

The active RFID indoor asset tag is specially designed for use in indoor asset tagging applications, such as for tracking and..

433 MHz Active RFID Key Fob Tag

The 433 MHz active RFID key fob tag is intended for indoor use for such applications as personnel tracking and management..

433 MHz Active RFID Micro Strap Tag

The micro wrist strap tag is suited for personnel tracking and monitoring in healthcare, time in attendance, security and other..

433 MHz Active RFID Micro Tag

The compact RFID activetag is suited for indoor asset tracking applications and is specially designed for smaller assets, such..

433 MHz Active RFID Personnel Tag

The active RFID personnel tag is intended for use in all personnel security and access applications such as dynamic mustering..

433 MHz Active RFID Windshield Tag

This windshield RFID tag features high heat/cold resistance and is intended for access control or asset tracking applications...

433 MHz Dry Contact RFID Tag

This tag will monitor and report the open or closed state of the device once connected. It features two twisted wires that..

433 MHz Rack Temperature RFID Tag

This rack temperature RFID tag monitors temperature sensitive assets in IT racks with an accuracy of 1.2 C to enable easy..

433 MHz Temperature Sensor

This RFID tag measures temperature indoors or out. Omni directional antenna allows reading from any direction. Deployed equally..

433.92 MHz Rack Door Tag

This rack door tag is designed for use on IT rack cabinet doors. Once installed on the door frame, the tag will monitor and..

Active 433 MHz Humidity-Temperature RFID Tag

This UHF Humidity-Temperature RFID tag is designed for use in environmentally-sensitive areas such as IT data centers..

Active 433 MHz RFID Badge Tag

This badge tags are specifically designed for tracking personnel and their interaction with tagged assets..

Active 433 MHz RFID Fluid Sensor Tag

This sensor tag is widely used in such areas as floor or ceiling mounted pipes, vulnerable floors, water delivery systems and..

Active 433 MHz RFID IT Asset Tag

This 433 MHz active RFID tag features an industrial-strength adhesive backing for quick and easy attachment to any standard..

Active 433 MHz RFID Security Tag

This tag can be programmed to operate at 2 beacon rates: slow when the tag is stationary and faster when the motion sensor is..

Active 433 MHZ Thin RFID Tag

This thin tag is designed to be used for the entire lifespan of a single asset..

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