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433.92 MHz Active RFID Reader

This active RFID reader enables complete management of all tagged assets and the automation of business decisions about them..

Active RFID Access Reader

This active RFID reader offers a perfect access solution and provides instant report of all detected Wavetrend active RFID tags...

Active RFID End-Cap Reader for Asset Management

This end-cap RFID reader can operate in rugged conditions at both short ranges or at ultra long ranges and provides unrivalled..

Active RFID GPRS Reader

This reader is ideally suited for both mobile and fixed site applications. It allows the user to instantly view their readers..

Active RFID Solo Reader

This active RFID solo reader provides instant report of detected tags while the data from detected tags is transferred by the..

433 MHz Active RFID Network Reader

This active RFID network reader can be served as a Wi-Fi reader, an externally powered LAN reader or a LAN POE reader...

433 MHz Active RFID Reader with RS485/RS232

This reader is ideally suited for use in systems that track tagged assets such as containers, plant and machinery or high value..

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