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RFID Embedded Modules

13.56 MHz Desktop RFID Reader/Writer

This HF desktop RFID reader/writer is specially designed for use in either desktop or embedded applications such as document..

134.2 kHz Compact Handheld Reader

This compact handheld reader is an ideal solution for tracking and identifying animals embedded with RFID chips...

860 to 950 MHz Gen 2 RFID Tire Tag

This tag is embedded into the tire mould prior to the manufacture and curing of the tire, so that the tire can be tracked..

Standalone Parking Control System

The embedded parking control system is reliable, convenient and user friendly...

13.56 MHz HF RFID Reader Module

The SkyeModule M4 is a feature-rich, easy-to-use HF RFID reader module specially designed to serve three distinct market..

13.56 MHz. M1-mini Development Kit w/ 1 M1 module and 3 M1Mini

The SkyeModule™ M1-mini Developer Kit (DKM1-mini) is a multi-protocol technology kit supporting most 13.56 MHz tag types..

13.56 MHz. M4 Development Kit with 1M4 MH Module

The SkyeModule M4 Developer Kit is a complete technology kit to support a feature-rich,..

13.56 MHz RFID M1 mini module

13.56 MHz. RFID M1mini module..

13.56 MHz. RFID M2 Module

This embedded RFID reader module is intended for contactless financial transactions and encrypted authentication across a range..

862~955 MHz UHF RFID Reader Module

900MHz. RFID UHF M9 Reader Module..

862~955MHz. RFID UHF M9 Development Kit

900 MHz. RFID UHF M9 Development Kit..

Embedded UHF Reader Developer Kit

This embedded UHF reader developer kit includes all hardware and software components and is a complete kit supporting EPC Class..

Embedded UHF Reader Module

This embedded UHF reader module is designed for a long read distance, reliable reads, simple integration, investment protection,..

125 KHz.LF Low Freq.RFID Reader Module Substitute - Mag Stripe

This module is designed to be a direct replacement for Magnetic Strip Reader Modules to enable existing applications and..

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