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Low Frequency RFID Readers and Tags

125 kHz. Low Frequency (LF) Long Range RFID Reader

This LF long range reader is certified by CE, FCC and has a read range of 90 cm with ISO size cards and over 100 cm with special..

125 kHz CF Interface RFID Reader – with HID compatability

This PDA CF Interface RFID Reader is a compact RFID reader module for PDA and other hand held devices..

125 kHz. Low Frequency (LF) PDA CF Interface RFID Reader

This LF PDA CF Interface RFID Reader provides a 19200 bps baud rate and a read distance up to 7cm and is compatible with data in..

125 KHZ Low Frequency (LF) Clamshell RFID Card EM4100

This low frequency clamshell RFID card is used for personnel tracking and access control. It is wallet sized with a slot for a..

125 kHz RFID LF Bluetooth Reader

This portable LF RFID Bluetooth reader features low power consumption, light weight, palm size and is compatible with most kinds..

125 kHz Low Frequency (LF) ISO Thin RFID Card TK4100 Passive

This wallet sized RFID card als has a slot for a lanyard. It is typically used for access control and personnel tracking or..

125 kHz. Low Frequency (LF) Key Fob RFID Tag

This RFID transponder is useful in solutions for personnel identification and access control. It can be conviently carried on a..

125 KHz RFID LF Handheld Reader

This 125 kHz RFID handheld reader features non-key operation and is intended for use in such applications as guard tour..

125 kHz or 13.56 (LF or HF) MHz Dual Frequency RFID Reader

This dual frequency RFID reader is primarily used for authorization or login to POS terminals..

134KHz RFID LF Bluetooth Reader

Excel/Word/Notepad keyboard wedge, works with WinCE 5.0/Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 based SmartPhones/PDAs..

125 kHz Long Range RFID Reader

This LF long range card reader features high receiving sensitivity, stable performance and high reliability...

125 kHz Low Frequency (LF) Hitag-S Glass RFID Tag

Low sensitivity to read interference caused by liquids and metals. Useful for a range of applications from implanting into pets..

125 kHz Mid-Range Reader

This LF mid-range RFID reader is used in a wide range of applications such as access control systems, parking systems and..

134 kHz LF Animal Tracking RFID Ear Tag

This low frequency RFID ear tag is specially designed for the management of the animal tracking application...

134 kHz Low Frequency (LF) Glass RFID Tag HiTag-S Passive

This LF passive glass RFID tag HiTag-S is commonly used in animal identification, small parts identification and medical parts...

134 kHz. Low Frequency (LF) Animal Tracking RFID Ear Tag Passive

This LF passive animal tracking RFID ear tag is specially designed for animal tagging such as cows, breeder herds...

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