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RFID for People Tracking

RFID Solutions for People Tracking

There are a wide variety of reasons why people tracking is important to business. These range from health and security, access control, time and attendance applications to identifying patrons at trade shows and other events to billing based on pay per use.

Regardless of your situation, GAO RFID can provide a custom solution for you.

Our solutions have been used in residential buildings, offices, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities and warehouses, hotels, resorts, marinas, health and fitness clubs, event management, schools, banks, military zones, oil rigs... the list is exhaustive. Likely we have provided a solution similar to your requirements.

Active RFID for People Tracking

In each situation there are a wide variety of solutions available. In most systems the use of RFID card keys, key fob tags or wrist band tags are most common. RFID readers are then either placed at "choke points" such as exits or entrances for access control or at a particular location such as a booth in the case of event management. Often a user will swipe their card past a reader in order to gain access to a certain area. Other solutions require the RFID readers to be placed to monitor a region or zone to determine whether or not an individual is currently in the area or at some certain time has been within it. Patient care wrist band tags are another widely used solution where active technologies enable the wearer of a wrist band tag to signal an alert that some event has occurred.

In any case, based on the information stored on the RFID tag that is coordinated with information in a database the software is able to perform customized actions such as opening a door based on time of day, or providing an alert to the system. Alerts can include generating emails, texts or audio or visual alarms or prompts. As well, customized reports are able to be generated giving information such as time of arrival and departure, name, type of person/security clearance, etc.

Other benefits of GAOís automated people tracking systems include the elimination of human error due to manual entry, savings as the result of eliminating the need for human supervision and intervention, and the ability to determine in real time when and where individuals are within a monitored area.

Whether itís for secure access, event management, personnel tracking, or patient care, people tracking is becoming an essential part of business. Keeping track of employees entering the building will help you manage your team better. Keeping track of who crosses access points will ensure a much safer security system. Keeping track of everyone entering a tradeshow will definitely help the sales teams. With GAO RFID you are able to track people in a wide variety of situations for your specific purpose. Using RFID will help improve the efficiency, security, and overall profitability of your business.

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