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Metropolitan Transit –USA

Sector – Transportation

Technology – UHF

This Mid-west public transit authority operations includes an above ground light rail system. The number one safety issue in transportation in North America is trackside worker safety. This transit authority approached GAO RFID to engineer a solution that would identify to the train operator when a worker is on the tracks ahead.

GAO RFID engineered a solution that ties in with their existing operating system. The safety system warns the driver when work crews are ahead and that they should slow down, it also warns the driver to stop and proceed with caution when a level crossing barrier is out of service. In addition the system also tells the train operator which doors to open when approaching a specific platform.

Electronic Health Records – USA

Sector – Health Care

Technology – HF

This California based HealthCare Software provider has developed solutions to address clinical documentation requirements and support operational procedures and processes in the post-acute care industry. The provider now uses GAO RFID technology within this system to provide complete electronic (paperless) charting applications and to enable the automation of many manual processes for workflow simplification and maximization of efficiency.

The electoronic records system using GAO RFID HF technology delivers accountability, efficiency, and operational controls that directly lead to improved profitability; as well, the complete and accurate care documentation reduces risk exposure.

Personnel Tracking – DoD – USA

Sector – Military

Technology – UHF

Data Management Group, Washington D.C., provides consulting and integration services to different vertical markets including healthcare and the military. DMG used GAO RFID’s technologies and software to increase visibility and security aboard US Navy hospital ships. GAO RFID with DMG created a solution successfully using RF in a mostly metal structure using an early version of silicon long range wristband for patient tracking.

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